Looking for a Place to Park Your Car

Thinking of spending a day on the Severn Valley Railway?

If you’re coming to the Severn Valley Railway for a day out then you’ll want to leave your vehicle in a safe car park.

No one likes to worry, especially when you’re enjoying a lovely day out. Peace of mind is paramount when it comes to leaving your vehicle in a new car park, regardless of how long you’re away from it for. In the past few years there have been some real horror stories concerning car parks run by cowboy entrepreneurs and amateurs who have acted negligently when looking after their customers’ vehicles. Tourists are often the victims of parking scams, but that doesn’t mean that us Brits aren’t immune to getting cheated ourselves!

Many folks in the countryside, especially those that live in the Severn Valley, are forced to drive long distances to get to the airport which often means that they need to park there too. Booking car parking ahead of schedule might alleviate a certain level of the worry around travelling, but if you turn up to discover that the car park you’ve booked is a dodgy concrete square in the middle of nowhere, you may start to have second thoughts and no time to organise anything else!

Of course find a space here at the Severn Valley Railway is much a simple operation than finding parking at Liverpool Airport, or somewhere like Heathrow or Stansted. There are plenty of safe, well looked after car parks for you to leave your car whilst you’re riding the rails for the day – here are just a few of them:

Bridgnorth Station Car Park

The northern terminus of the Severn Valley Railway is a great place to start your journey with us, but before you hop on rails you might want to take some time to wander around the town of Bridgnorth first. There’s plenty to see here including the town hall which is over 350 years old! Grab a parking space at the Station Car Park itself and you’ll only have to pay £3 for a day of safe, convenient car parking.

Hampton Loade Station Car Park

This little hamlet is well worth a visit if you’re in the area and takes its name from the reaction ferry that is used to take across the River Severn. Although there’s not much else to see at Hampton Loade, the car park at the station here is often a lot quieter than the other car parks, so you’ll be able to arrive and leave with ease. Once more the charge is a simple £3, but its important to remember that there are only a handful of spaces – so have a backup in mind, if you’re travelling during peak times!

Kidderminster Station Car Park

There are usually plenty of car parking spaces going at the southern terminus of the Severn Valley Railway, making it a great location to either start or end or journey with us. Parking for a day comes at the cheap price of just £3 so you could set off early in the morning, stop for lunch at one of the Station cafes, visit Bridgnorth for an an hour or so and then travel back to Kidderminster for dinner!